Keeping up and Keeping in touch with old friends

By Krystyne Jones 

Going to college is a huge milestone in a young person’s life.  Your surroundings change and suddenly reality seems just a tad more “real.” Being swamped with homework while juggling various obligations can make it very difficult to keep in touch with old friends. However, college shouldn’t be the reason why a friendship is lost. Here are some quick and easy tips on how to keep distant friendships strong and healthy.

Make the effort. We all are and busy and we all have lives. Being too busy to send a friend a quick text saying, “Hey! How have you been?” doesn’t hurt. If your friend is away at college also, they will understand that things get hectic. Being too busy to communicate is a lousy excuse in today’s “unlimited texting “society.  FaceTime or Skype is also a good and fun way to keep in touch.

Visit one another. Visiting an old friend after a while of not seeing each other can be the glue to keeping your friendship close. Plan to visit each other maybe once every other month. It’s always fun to catch up and talk about crazy college stories.

Don’t force it. It’s understandable that some relationships change when we go to college. You make new friendships while you might lose others.  If a friendship just doesn’t feel the same even after trying to reconnect, simply let it go. Don’t dwell on past friendships. College is a time for growth, and it’s safe to say that some friendships are simply outgrown.


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