Keep the details off Facebook, please

By Kimberly Gleeson 

The details about a relationship used to only be known by individuals involved and the close friends that the couple chose to gush or bitch about their relationship with—

until Facebook came around and destroyed the concept of privacy. Now, depending how many details of your relationship get leaked to Facebook, everyone and their mothers know about who’s dating who and all the details that go into a relationship.

In order to avoid damaging your relationship or annoying everyone else on your newsfeed, follow basic Facebook etiquette once you decide to take the big step in becoming Facebook official.

For one, keep your fights off Facebook. Your 500 plus friends do not want to know how you’re ticked at your significant other for texting his psycho slut of an ex. Refrain from passive aggressive posts like “So sick of being hurt,” or “I know it’s wrong, but I can’t help who I love.” You’re not fooling anyone by not mentioning you’re significant other’s name in the post, everyone knows who you’re talking about. It makes you look immature and reveals to everyone the weaknesses in your relationship.

If you are genuinely head over heels in love with your significant other, your true friends will, or at least they should be, happy for you. However, the people that you lived in the same dorm with freshman year that you only talk to when you drunkenly stumble into them at the bar do not want to read about how much you love your boyfriend or girlfriend. An I love you or a happy anniversary post is good and fine, but keep the long, emotional post that covers every reason why you are in love, outlining the details of your relationship off Facebook. Face it, not even your friends want to hear about it, let alone people you haven’t had a sober conversation with in years.

Of course you want to post photos of you and your guy or girl. How else is your ex going to see that you have clearly upgraded since them? Going out or goofy photos are cute, even couple selfies are acceptable, but please, keep the photos where you are hardcore making or groping each other off Facebook. No one wants to feel like they are looking at soft porn when looking at your Facebook. It’s trashy.

Just because Facebook makes it an option to throw your relationship into the public sphere doesn’t mean you have to take advantage of it. Try keeping the details of your relationship off Facebook because in the end it’ll do a lot more harm than good.


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