19 Things You Miss About College Over Break

By Brittney Nadler 

1. You wake up without an alarm clock and immediately enjoy the feel of your own bed, in your own room, in your own house.

2. Until you realize your only company is your cat who fell asleep on your face, your loud siblings, and you parents who want to go shopping and it’s not even 11a.m. yet.

3. But then you walk downstairs to your endless supply of food…

4. To realize that the food isn’t actually endless and you kind of miss all of the dining hall options, even if they weren’t so great.

5. But now you get to see all of your home friends!

6. When you all have time to sync up your schedules. What are your college friends up to anyway..?

7. No matter. Now that school is out, you have so much free time to enjoy.

8. So you use it to text your college friends and watch TV and eat junk food because what even is there to do in your hometown?

9. To defeat the boredom, you get in your car and have free reign of the world!…

10. Your cold, snow-covered car that you have to drive yourself and put gas in and take care of. Is it too late to declare my love for you, CUMTD?

11. And so you drive to buy the groceries your mom needed and to pick up your little brother from his friend’s house, all the while wallowing in your misery.

12. You might even go back to your old retail job with its barbaric customers and early hours (although you can’t complain about the extra cash).

13. You probably see your entire family at some point and get bombarded with too many personal questions, which just makes you miss your roommate who never questions your poor lifestyle choices.

14. You’re nostalgic for the days when you would leap out your dorm/apartment door at whatever hour to go wherever you wanted with whoever you wanted without parental permission.

15. You would watch your favorite movie, but you forgot it back on campus.

16. And you would like to enjoy the snow, but not even a preschool army could replicate the snowmen/igloo/fort masterpieces strewed around C-U.

17. So instead, you wonder if that cute boy will by some miracle be taking another class with you next semester.

18. And you remember that Chipotle giftcard your grandma gave you that you can’t wait to use in a celebratory back-at-school reunion.

19. But you still enjoy the break, see your best friends (and by best friends I of course mean your beloved pets), and secretly count down the days until you’re back at the wonderland that is U of I.


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