Four Best Beach Vacation Spots

By Annabeth Carlson

With the month-long winter break looming ahead, I find myself daydreaming of what I will do with all my free time. Of course I cannot wait to see family and friends, sleep in my comfortable non-dorm bed, and eat great food. However, I am not looking forward to more cold weather. If I had it my way, I would spend my break relaxing on the beach in a warm and sunny place. Below are four destinations I would love to visit- you can appreciate them while you are homebound like me (Or if you have a private jet and unlimited amount of money, check them all out over break and let us know here at The Spread what you think).

1. The Maldives

If you are looking for a secluded, exotic vacation, look no further than the Maldives. The islands are found right on the equator in the Indian Ocean, on atolls made from coral reefs. If the pictures below don’t persuade you to go, check out







2. Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos is a beautiful Caribbean island in the British West Indies. I travelled there two years ago. With its powdery white sand and translucent turquoise water, there is no doubt that it was my favorite vacation I have ever taken. It was also listed in the book “1000 Places to See Before You Die”,” by Patricia Schultz. Personally, I would like to see it multiple times before I die.

3. North Captiva Island, Florida

This small island town is located in southwest Florida near the Gulf of Mexico. If you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of traffic and technology, this is the place for you as it is filled with small houses for rent and just a few restaurants and shops. The best part about it? No cars allowed.

4. Gold Coast, Australia

The Gold Coast, found in southeastern Queensland, is a great tourist vacation spot, with tons of options for dining, amusement parks, shopping, and iconic beaches like Surfers Paradise beach and Broadbeach. Not to mention you will be in Australia- and people will have awesome accents. What’s not to like?

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