Fun Friday: Seven Best Music Videos To Shake, Step and Crank To

By F. Amanda Tugade

Dancing is never easy. Trust me, I would know. The following videos have taught me how to groove with a simple 1-2 step instruction. First, watch the video, and two, listen to the music (the lyrics–I mean–because they tell you what to do). Feel free to work your own dance moves into it. Add in a fist pump, insert a few cute facial expressions or end it with a classic Miley twerk. Go, on. Show ’em what you’re working with.

1. Sage The Gemini — “Gas Pedal” 

2. New Boyz — “You’re a Jerk”

3. Cupid — “Cupid Shuffle” 

4. Ciara ft. Missy Elliot — “1,2 Step” 

5.  R. Kelly — “Step in the name of Love”

6. Mystikal — “Shake it Fast” 

7. Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em —  “Crank That (Soulja Boy)

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