Bound 2: On The Rebound For Kimye Media Attention

By Krystyne Jones 

I’m sure we’ve all seen the infamous “Bound 2” video by Kanye West that debuted last month. A top less Kim Kardashian rides the front of Kanye West’s motorcycle as he recites his rhymes and grinds against her while doing so. This video has definitely gained some attention throughout the media. Though the attention is mostly negative attention, my only question regarding the video is “Is everyone really that surprised?”


Kim gained her fame from a sex tape and Kanye became recognized as the world’s biggest asshole after he cut off Taylor Swift during her speech at the VMA’s a few years ago.

None of this is new.

Kanye will keep pushing the limit because he gets attention from it. Once you get over the suggestive nature of the video, the song is actually really good. I’ve seen reality shows that are worse than the music video for Bound 2. Though I don’t always agree with everything the “new” Kanye West represents, I won’t bash him for the music video.  While the video may be disturbing to some, Kanye has succeeded at keeping the people talking.  Lighten up people.  Kanye West will always piss someone off.

Isn’t it expected by now?

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