Saturday, The Day After Friday…And Rebecca Black’s New Viral Hit

By Taylor Lucero 

The sequel to Rebecca Black’s “Friday” was uploaded to YouTube Dec. 7 and has already gained over 14 million views. And no surprise there, she calls it “Saturday.”

As of Dec. 11, the “thumbs up” are still pulling ahead of the “thumbs down,” and I’m on the thumbs up side. Her voice has improved immensely since she recorded her original viral hit, and her new song embodies the live-in-the-moment theme found in many other pop songs today.

The music video is full of clichés, including a focus around a party scene. Thankfully, the video is not lacking in Easter eggs from “Friday.” These hidden jokes are surprisingly entertaining. So far, I’ve spotted at least seven references to “Friday”; eight if the multiple car rides count.

After all of the backlash she received from “Friday,” I’m impressed that she not only continued making videos on her YouTube channel but had the guts to upload a song so closely associated with “Friday.”

Good for her for not backing away from music.

Good for her for not letting the bullies keep her down.

I’d be lying if I said I never made fun of “Friday.” In fact, I still don’t like the song. But “Saturday” is a prime example of what perseverance and standing up for oneself can do.

“Saturday” probably won’t become the nation’s next big hit, but it is still an excellent song with a great beat. It shouldn’t be put down or dismissed only because of “Friday.” I’d gladly listen to it any day of the week.

For more of Rebecca Black’s videos, check out her YouTube channel.

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