Best Winter Date Ideas

By Krystyne Jones 

Winter is definitely among us.  The frigid temperatures combined with gusty winds are surely not very welcoming once you step outside. However, this time of year is the perfect time to cuddle up with your loved one and keep each other cozy. If your excuse to not go out on dates is the weather being too cold, that doesn’t stop you from spending quality time with your sweetheart. Here are some ideas about things to do for winter dates.

1. Iceskating — This date might seem like a no brainer once it gets cold outside. However, it can be the perfect first date. Guys take that girl your crushing on to the ice rink. Hopefully she won’t be that great of a skater which will give an excuse to hold her.  *wink wink*

2. Christmas lights house hunting — Before you question this idea, think about it. I’m sure we’ve all seen those neighborhoods that have just gone overboard with Christmas spirit. The entire block is covered in Christmas lights and displays. This could be a great way to just relax and enjoy each other’s company.  Or…help decorate your own homes. Help with the lights or hang ornaments on the Christmas tree. It’ll be bright, fun, and romantic.

3. Making gingerbread houses —  This a great way to get your creative juices flowing. Building gingerbread houses is both fun and tasty. It’s even more fun when you make it a competition. Who can make the best gingerbread house? And the winner can get a little kiss under the mistletoe. Or you guys can just make or bake other good eats and treats. Get to know family traditions or make your own together. Be sure to present your work before eating it!

4. Christmas movie marathon — If your fine with the common dinner and a movie date, that’s cool too.  Who could ever get tired of a good meal? Drinking and watching Christmas movies could also be an interesting date, too. That never gets old.


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