Wednesday Woe: Babies On Airplanes

By Cassidy Williams 

Traveling is a pain for people of all ages; nobody enjoys it.  It’s especially painful for people like me who get motion sickness easily, so I normally try to fall asleep. However, this is practically impossible when surrounded by babies.  I can’t blame them really, for I am 18-years-old and still get incredibly bored and irritated.  It’s no wonder they end up crying, kicking and causing chaos on airplanes.  Even the best behaved child is likely to annoy those around them.

My solution: I think airplane companies should designate a certain part of the airplane for those with children; therefore, if you pick a seat in that section you know what you’ve signed up for. OR…


Better yet, wouldn’t it be great if certain planes didn’t allow children under 3? I would be willing to pay more to fly with the certainty that I would be able to get in a nice nap.

I honestly feel for the parents traveling with small children, but I have no desire to suffer along with them.

Flying is annoying enough already.

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