What To Do This Thanksgiving

By Jessica Ramos

So, you just got home, and you’re all settled in. Just because you’re on an academic break doesn’t mean you should be taking a social break. There’s so many things to do with limited time! Of course, celebrating Thanksgiving will probably be the highlight of many of our breaks. So, gather your closest friends and family to make this Thanksgiving the most memorable. Here are the top ranked best activities to do on the annual Turkey Day.

1. Turkey Bowl


Start your day off with a good old football game with some friends. This requires a little planning ahead so you can set up teams. You don’t need be a pro-football player to enjoy this. Friendly rivalry never hurt anyone. Just remember to catch and run — and of course, have fun! But, if you would rather stay in, then round up some snacks and drinks and cheer on your favorite team! The NFL Thanksgiving schedule shows three games scheduled this year starting at 12:30 p.m. with the Midwest’s very own Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions.

2. Feast!


Now we’re talking business. You will spend all week thinking of this dinner. It will probably be the biggest meal you have eaten all year. Some families cook a traditional Thanksgiving meal: turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, pie, etc. Others will buy their dinner. The secret to good eating is to not stop. They don’t make food like this in the dining hall. I promise your Ramen noodles packets and chicken noodle soup cans won’t get mad. Nevertheless, take this time to embrace what is in front of you and your accomplishments. Give thanks.

3. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving


Charlie Brown has been in our life since we were in diapers — and for basically an eternity. The youthful, nostalgic character taught us the meaning of giving thanks. Catch the special on TV or rent the video/go to Netflix or Youtube or something. A thanksgiving without Charlie Brown is like a Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie. It’s just not the same.

4. Black Wednesday/Black Friday/Cyber Monday 


Some families meticulously plan for this night others spontaneously decide to go. Stores will be open early or late — if you’re going on Thursday night; lines will be long, and people will fight over the last PlayStation 4. So, get your boxing mittens ready, put on your heaviest coat and make/buy lots and lots of coffee or hot chocolate. It’ll all be worth it when you’ve gotten most of your Christmas shopping list completed, a new TV, or whatever it may be you have your eyes on this year.

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