Cyber Monday For The Ladies

By Krystyne Jones 
Ladies — stop! We know you carry the burden for Christmas shopping, and that’s OK. Let’s face it. No one else can do it like you do, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shop comfortably. So, tell your man, your dad, your brother, to just hand over their credit cards, and you’re just going to click away this Cyber Monday to buy the perfect present for yourself and your fellow female shoppers (mom, sister and aunts are all included, of course!).
But guys — feel free to take some initiative and browse around. Pick something special for your ladies. They are your better half.
The following are some helpful hints and sites are my favorites, so guys take notes — so you won’t end up like this:
Keep in mind that one of the most important rules of online shopping is to already have an idea of what it is that you’re shopping for.  An aimless online browse can lead to hours of indecisiveness along with filling up and emptying your cart.
The next big tip is to take advantage of sales. Don’t buy of f the first website you visit. Take a look at other websites. Sometimes websites sell the same merchandise but for different prices.
You’ll be sure to find great clothes with even greater prices, so go check it out! Who doesn’t like to save, right? Happy shopping!
BUT — if you’re willing to spare some time to get that Christmas shopping list covered, check out more tips about Cyber Monday here.

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