Favorite Places To Be On Campus

By Teryn Payne

It is safe to say that University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has one of the most aesthetically pleasing campuses in the country. When I first enrolled in this prestigious University I was amazed at how much this campus resembles a scene from a movie.

The fraternity boys were blasting music from their houses as they enjoyed the nice weather on their lawns. There were a number of people playing Frisbee on the quad or just relaxing between classes. The atmosphere was ideal for a college setting.

As my college journey continued, I started to prefer some places on campus to others. My favorite place to be on campus would be a tie between the collection of Arboretum gardens and the Krannert Center for Performing Arts depending on the time of year.


In the very beginning or end of the academic year, the Arboretum gardens are one of the most surreal places to be on campus. The calming ambiance that the garden gives off makes you forget that you are in Central Illinois.

Around the start of spring, the cherry blossoms always bloom. It is one of the most beautiful parts of nature, which I have ever seen. If you are stressed, overwhelmed, or just need a break from campus life, the Arboretum gardens will be your solstice.

Because it’s just so peaceful that sometimes I find myself staying there for hours and losing track of time. Although this spot is not a well-known location, it is a suitable getaway when you need it.


When it gets too cold to visit the garden, Krannert is the perfect place to relax or for study. The name Krannert comes from UI alumnus, Herbert and his wife  Ellnora Krannert who donated $16 million to the University, which made it possible to construct the building.

From the tiles on the floor to the structure of the building, everything was given meticulous thought. You will be able to notice the moment you enter the building. The selection of the interior design is my favorite.

If you just want to grab a quick bite from the cafe or find a place to take a breather from frat park or Green street, Krannert is the best place to go.

I am the type of person that needs a change of scenery every once and a while. With places like the Arboretum and the Krannert I don’t have to leave town to do so. As finals season approaching, I hope my hidden jewels will help you find your solstice.

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