#TBT: Middle School Dance Grind Songs

By F. Amanda Tugade

Back in middle school, the slow grind was the equivalent of today’s twerk. As if dances and being a pre-teen weren’t already awkward enough, attempting to slow grind with a boy — not slow dance — made the situation a little bit worse. Also, I grew up in a Catholic school, and we were constantly reminded by our chaperons that the measurement of our distance was the “Holy Spirit” (arm’s length).

But that’s just the way it was back then, and I guess a little modestly didn’t hurt anyone. Looking back, the songs the DJs bumped at our middle school dances were basically holier than thou compared to what’s out now. So, let’s go down that road, shall we, and take a listen to some of our favorite songs.

1. Ja Rule ft. Ashanti — “Always On Time”

2. Ray J — “One Wish”

3. T-Pain — “I’m Sprung” 

4. Chris Brown — “Yo! (Excuse Me Miss)” 

5. Pretty Ricky — “Grind With Me” 

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