Wednesday Woe: Bicycles

By Cassidy Williams 

I fully understand that the University of Illinois is a bicycle-friendly campus. Bicycles are environmentally friendly and help shrink a large campus. However, too many bicyclists use the sidewalk as a race track. It’s insane how fast some ride while weaving in and out of a crowd.

If your class is on the other side of campus maybe you should have woken up a little earlier instead of speeding. I shouldn’t feel like I’m walking through the middle of the Tour de France on the way to class.

Bicycles are like motor vehicles, people. They’re dangerous!

I have personally had to take a trip to McKinley Health Center after being run over by a bike — and by run over I mean I was hit head on and comically went flying backwards while my stuff flew into the street. Did I mention it was pouring outside, and I landed in a puddle?

Bicyclists need to slow down, and watch where they’re going! Only then, would the campus be a much safer place.

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