Cyber Monday Hacks: How to Get Deals Without Leaving Your Couch

By Tristin Marshall 

Online shopping is one of the smartest inventions since the modern wheel for me.


Although some may call it an addiction, online shopping is an art form, and mastering it will make you a genius. Instead of being that person flying around the mall like a mad man on Black Friday, be that person that does all their holiday shopping from the couch in the comfort of your own home on Cyber Monday. So, here are a few tips you should follow to shop and save on Cyber Monday.

1. For your tech-lovers  — Two of the most important websites on Cyber Monday are and With insane deals, you can make all of your major purchases such as a tablet or television for you or your loved ones. At least by shopping online at, you won’t get trampled to death at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving night for that new 40 inch Samsung TV.

Other great online websites to satisfy that techies include Best Buy, Apple, and, which have already begun their Christmas deals with the promotion “Black November.”

2. For your fashionistas and trenders — If you are looking for a present for the special girl in your life, try Fashion designer Betsey Johnson has items ranging from $25 to $300, with gifts including hats, scarves, jewelry, handbags and shoes. For that special man, try Macys, Kohl’s, or Nordstrom for ties, watches, and hat and scarf sets.

3. For the youngsters (aka kids below 13)  If you have any younger siblings, nieces or nephews, what better place to go than Toys “R” Us! They have every toy that any kid could ever dream of, and all the great deals that your college budget can afford.

4. For the deal-hunters and time-savers —  For all of these things wrapped into one, try the store that’s the new Walmart — Target. With a motto like “Expect more. Pay less,” who wouldn’t love Target?

Most of these websites will making gift buying easier as well. They give suggestions on the perfect gifts to give within your price range. These suggestions eliminate the tedious task of looking through one hundred pages of summer clearance. Let’s be honest. On a college budget, we’re thrifty and stingy. We’re living on a budget, so take advantage of Cyber Monday.

Bonus Tips for the Couch Shopper — But don’t get too crazy. Remember to take breaks and to step away from that laptop. Delete your history after you’ve completed your shopping list, so that you don’t get bombarded by selected Google ads.

And — Also, don’t forget the most important person on that list — yourself. You deserve to look nice while dying a slow death during finals week, and welcome Christmas break with a little style.

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