Fitness Friday: Get You Groove On With Just Dance

By Taylor Lucero

For those looking to get a good workout and avoid the cold walk to the gym, turning away from the elliptical and toward your gaming systems may be the perfect solution.

The Just Dance games are a great workout for those who enjoy dancing and competition, especially if you like exercising in the comfort and privacy of your own room. The interactive game play and point system have always kept me motivated to outdo myself and my friends.

Playing a couple of songs is a great way to burn calories. It’s convenient for busy students who may only have the time it takes to dance to a three minute pop song before going to class. The dances are fun, but I love the music just as much. If you are like me and haven’t upgraded to Just Dance 2014 yet, I recommend these songs for Just Dance 4.

Just Dance 4

 1. “Disturbia” — Rihanna

2.  “Livin’ La Vide Loca” — Ricky Martin

3.  “On The Floor” — Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull

4.  “Time Warp ” — Cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

 5. “Maneater” — Nelly Furtado

Even though I haven’t had the chance to play Just Dance 2014, the dances are already uploaded on YouTube. I’ve previewed these routines and can’t wait to try them out.

Just Dance 2014 Wish-List

1. “Turn Up The Love” — Far East Movement feat. Cover Drive

2. “She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)” — David Guetta feat. Sia

4. “Gentleman” — PSY

5. “Where Have You Been” — Rihanna

Perfect these moves and bust them out the next time you go to a party.


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