Wednesday Woe: People Who Talk Loudly at the Library

By Tristin Marshall 

You go to the library to get peace and quiet, so you can study for that big test tomorrow. For some reason, that one time you try to be a good student, everyone else in the library is screaming and talking up a storm like they’re at Disney World. This makes it extremely difficult for you to focus, and now your anxiety escalates.

The loudest people are in the quietest libraries.

It is understood that going to the library with your friends is more fun, but it is so distracting to others when the conversation slowly transcends from chemistry to Scandal not to mention the volume crescendos from hushed voices to yelling. Studying and completing homework assignments are already stressful, and there’s nothing worse than having a noisy group of kids talking about something you don’t care about.

The library is supposed to be a place where students go to get in the zone and stay focused. Nobody wants to hear other people “whisper” about what someone’s ex put on Twitter or last night’s Bulls game.

It is can also be very hard for someone to focus when they can hear every bite you take of the chips that you are eating. Food isn’t allowed in the library anyways; if you’re feeling hungry, maybe it is time for you to take a break from studying and eat somewhere outside the library. Or better yet, take a hike buddy. It’s time to go home.

If you find yourself guilty of any of these, it’s okay. You can still be saved from your wrong-doings. If you want to chat with your best friend in the library, Facebook message or G-chat them, so that you don’t distract others.  Make sure that the volume on your laptop is on silent, too, because hearing that Facebook pop noise like 10 million times is annoying.

Also, if you and your friends aren’t cramming for tests or trying to digest a massive term paper in less than 10 hours, then find a place where noise is acceptable like a coffeeshop or a friend’s living room.  A little consideration goes a long way.

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