Fall Fashion Must Haves

By Jessica Ramos

The weather is getting colder, the trees becoming more naked and all you can think of is finding your favorite hoodie. You look into your closet, and all you see is your summer lovin’ clothes. A little voice inside your head whispers, “It’s time for a wardrobe change.” The stores are overwhelmingly stocked with fall clothes. To top it off you have no idea what to buy. I know the feeling. Don’t worry! Enjoy this chilly weather looking your best with these fall fashion must haves.

1.   Emerald Green

Named top color for 2013 by Pantone, you will be seeing a lot of this. It looks great, and it’s elegant, too. Look for ways to incorporate the color in your wardrobe and accessories like heels, purse and jewelry.


2.   Leather

Leather makes you look edgy and classy. Wear it to class, or add some accessories and make it a night out outfit. It is a trend that will not die, as the fall comes. Switch it up a little — try some colored leather.


3.   Knit Sweater

Have class early in the morning? You can’t go wrong with a knit sweater. Fix up your hair a little and pair it with a pair of leggings or skinnies and call it a day.


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