Apples, Pumpkins, Donuts, Oh My!

By Tristin Marshall

If your family comes to visit for the weekend and you want to distract them from the dirty laundry and old pizza boxes in your room, take them to Curtis Orchard! Curtis Orchard has been one of Champaign’s hidden gems for over thirty years. Located on South Duncan Road, Curtis Orchard is home to thousands of apples trees and hundreds of pumpkins, waiting to be picked by the hands of its fall-loving residents.

Spread Image
Photo taken by staff photographer Imani Brooks

Curtis Orchard opened in 1977, starting with only 700 apple trees. Now expanded to over 5,000 trees, they have a wide variety of apples including McIntosh, Honeycrisp, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Early Fuji, and many others to choose from. There is also a pumpkin patch with hundreds of pumpkins ranging from small to large, perfect for carving and decorating. If you’re not interested in picking your own apples or pumpkins, they sell a variety of apples already bagged and miniature pumpkins, as well as bright-colored squash and Indian corn. These are the perfect reminders showing how beautiful autumn is and that it’s here in full effect.

There is also a vast selection of apple-infused products sold in their store, located at the entrance of the orchard. Some of these products include candy apples, apple cider, and a personal favorite, apple donuts. These delicious donuts are baked fresh daily and sprinkled with the perfect amount of sweetness and love to get anyone’s day going.

Curtis Orchard is also the perfect place to take small children. There are pony rides and a small jungle gym for them to enjoy. For both adults and children, there is a small petting zoo with goats and chickens that allows you to feed the animals. There is also face painting and even pumpkin painting that can be enjoyed as well. UI sophomore Fastima Brown said, “Curtis Orchard is the perfect place for people of all ages.”

Whether you’re five or 50, from the city or a farm, you will appreciate the beauty and serenity of Curtis Orchard, and the delicious apples. Curtis Orchard will cater to everyone’s needs is the perfect place for families or RSO bonding, or even a birthday celebration.

As the orchard has warned, “Fresh country air and plenty of memories are waiting for you…” So, what are you waiting for?

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