She’s Just Not That into You

By Kimberly Gleeson

Instead of chillin’ by the bar with your best bros, you choose to try to pick up the bombshell across the bar. You buy her and all of her friends a few rounds of drinks while feeding her every line in the book, all to be ditched before the bar closes — major buzz kill. Save your ego and your cash by paying attention to the clear signs that she’s not into you.

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The Obvious Body Signs

A woman’s body language can be a sheer give away if she’s interested in you. If she avoids making eye contact, has unanimated facial expressions and swift, almost anxious, body movements, abandon ship because she’s not interested. She is avoiding eye contact because her wandering eye is looking for a friend to come drag her away. While waiting, she gets anxious during the conversation because she’s not sure how to end it, which explains the anxious body motions.

Stop Spewing Pick-Up Lines and Buying Drinks

Buying a girl and her friends a round of drinks is a great way to ease into a conversation and make a solid first impression. However, if the girl continues to ask for drinks for her friends or herself without you offering drinks first, she’s not into you, she’s into your wallet. She’ll flirt with you all night as long as you keep racking up your tab, but once the bar closes she’ll flee.

Escape to the Bathroom

When a girl says that she needs to use the bathroom, it doesn’t always mean that she’s trying to get away from you, but if she intends on continuing to hang out with you for the night, you’ll know. She will either tell you to wait where you are or come find you once she is done. If she ventures across the room and is blocked from your vision by a group of her friends huddled around her, she’s not into you, she’s trying to avoid you in the nicest, most obvious way possible, so take the hint and move on.

Do Not Make Moves on a Drunk Girl

Do not go after the girl who has had one too many shots because she isn’t into you.  She’s just drunk. If she has a good group of friends watching out for her, they are going to accuse you of taking advantage of her and chase you away, making you look like a complete douche to anyone who is watching. More than likely, if you can even bring her back, she isn’t going to want to do anything but sleep and possibly puke all over your bed or bathroom.

Do Not Make Moves on Girls with Large Egos

For the girls who are too cool to dance with you, don’t feed their egos by following them around or texting them a zillion times when they haven’t responded once. If you text a girl once and she doesn’t respond, shooting her one more text a different night is ok. If she doesn’t respond to the second text, delete her number because she isn’t interested. Face it, she doesn’t even want to put in the effort to text you back, so she’s definitely not going to put in the effort to meet up with you. You might just be setting yourself up for humiliation, and they aren’t worth your time.

There are thousands of girls on campus, so don’t beat yourself up because one of them isn’t into you.

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