Coping with home withdrawal


By Krystyne Jones

The delicious home cooked meals, the comfort of family, and the lack of stress of school is enough to make you feel a bit homesick. As young adults, I’m sure we have all been anxious to leave our parent’s home and venture out to start lives of our own, but, every now and then, we always find ourselves missing home. Although our college years may be some of the most exciting years of our life, it teaches us that there is no place like home. Here are four tips on how to deal with being homesick.

1. Go home for the weekend. Sometimes, a break from school is exactly what you need. A trip home is the perfect way to do so. However, don’t make this a frequent habit, or you’ll never stop being homesick.

2. Keep yourself busy. Hang out with friends, start a work out routine or join some clubs. Get familiar with the campus and off-campus locations and events. There are always things going on in the C-U community. Don’t be afraid to meet new people. They just might be your new family.

3. Start video chatting. This might seem like one of the obvious solutions, but it really does help. It’s always more comforting to see the ones that you miss so much.

4. Focus on your studies. Remember you’re in school for a reason. Your family is at home cheering you on. Use that as motivation to keep going!

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