Six tips to make your Skype dates memorable

By Tristin Marshall

Long distance relations can be tough — especially if it’s for more than a few months. There is nothing like being close to the one that you love the most, and it hurts to be so far apart. You see couples in the store, and you instantly become jealous because you’re not in the same situation. That doesn’t mean that you and your love can’t still feel that connection.


When you don’t have the money or the transportation to see your honey, there is only one solution to keep the flame ignited –Skype dates. Here are a six tips on how to make your Skype dates most memorable to you and your partner:

1. Treat it like a real date. If you only do Skype dates every couple of weeks you want it to feel special. Dress up for your sweetheart. The effort will greatly be appreciated.

2. Watch a movie on Netflix. Couples who are physically together go on dates to the movies, so why can’t you and your partner watch a movie together even when you’re not together? Put a move on your TV, turn up the volume, get some snacks and place your laptop right next to you on your comfy bed or couch.

3. Have dinner together. Order food and treat it like you were at a restaurant. Both of you can sit at the dinner table, order the same food (such as Chinese), dim the lights and Ta-da!

4. Be playful. When Skype dates become too serious they also become less enjoyable. You want to keep your companion entertained and happy, so don’t be afraid to be silly! Dance around, play dress up, share funny pictures that you find online and anything else that you think would make him or her laugh. Hanging up at the end of the conversation can be sad, but if you leave your love off with a funny memory, it will be easier to say see you soon.

5. Don’t overdo it. Too much of something isn’t good for anyone, including couples. Dates are supposed to be a special time together not a chore.

6. Make every date memorable. It’s hard being apart, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t make amazing memories in the meantime. Also, it gives you moments to reminisce on when you are finally physically together.

Don’t listen to anyone that says long distance relationship don’t work. Obviously, they have never tried Skype dating. They can make a relationship stronger if both of you are willing to put in the work.

Happy memories make happy a happy relationship, so make it happen!

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