Social media has a dark side


By Krystyne Jones 

It’s pretty obvious that we all have relied on social media at some point in our lives.  As lazy as it sounds, social media simply makes things convenient. Social media makes information more accessible. It’s hard to remember what life would be without it. Though it has enhanced the means by which we give and receive information, it also has its downfalls.  Here are a few aspects of social media that receive a thumbs down.

  1. Social Media doesn’t discriminate. ANYONE can make a profile, so beware of who you friend on your page.
  2. Is there ever any privacy? Sure, you can change up your settings, but any hacker can crack a page or account.
  3. Social Media can become quite addicting. You’d be surprised at how fast five minutes can turn into an hour.
  4. Social Media is taken much too seriously.  How many times have you seen arguments form over something that started online?  I’ve seen it happen much too often.
  5. Social media can limit your vocabulary.  I almost typed “lol” in a paper before.  That’s a huge problem.

Though this is just a small portion of the many shortcomings that are attached to social media, it’s safe to say that while you were reading this, you could relate to at least one of these them.   Let’s not forget that social media is one of the most influential tools of technology today, and we’d be lost without it. However, everything that glitters isn’t always gold.

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